Thursday, 14 June 2012

You know what`s Prosopagnosia?

Hi bloggers, today I’ll write about an article at related to psychology.
Did you hear any about prosopagnosia before this post? Because it’s the first time I read that word.
Turns out that Prosopagnosia (or face-blindness) it`s a disorder of face perception, it means that sufferers have problems to remember faces. According to the piece of news I read, 2.5% of the population might have developmental prosopagnosia; so it`s more common than it looks.
Prosopagnosia can affects suffers in different ways, like a kid who cannot remember his friends in school, a teacher who don`t recognize her students , people who can`t recognize their own face in a photo or even a more serious problem like not being able to recognize your boss or your girlfriend or boyfriend.
Also this problem is related to others perception disorders like identifying other people's emotional expressions or judging age or gender of faces.
Like you can imagine with the examples I write, it can turn in a terrible embarrassment or affect the sufferers’ social aptitude and employment options.
So, in order to help this people, there is a group of psychologist investigating about this disorder. They want to provide evidence that confirm their hypothesis of the Prosopagnosia being a hereditary and physiological rather than a psychological problem.
If you want to know more about prosopagnosia, help in the investigation or check if you have prosopagnosia go to the link above. That`s all, bye bye.

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Hello, today I will write about another talk of Sir Ken Robinson, this time the topic is “Changing education paradigms”.
At the beginning of the talk, Sir Robinson talks about the education paradigms in public schools at the moment, there are two aspects of those paradigms causing important problems about how and what’s for  are we teaching our kids.
The first thing causing the problem is that the currently education paradigm is trying to teach our kids how to take their place in the economies, and the second one is that at present the education is giving our kids a cultural identity that “try to square the circle”, so the cultural differences are maximized thanks to the globalization and the education.
Those thing cause many problems related to the talk I write before this, this system isn`t properly educating, what this system is doing is forming “productive people” and the persons that aren`t productive by their own standards are removed from the system.
This system was conceived in the enlightenment in the industrial revolution`s economic circumstances so we need to actualize this system of public education giving importance to develop to the fullest the skills of our children.
In my opinion, I think that all I write up there, and what Sir Robinson says, is very important and we need a new system. I think the problem is that the system is very attached at he present so the process will be slow.