Thursday, 26 April 2012

My Laptop

 Hello everybody, This week`s post will be about a piece of technology indispensable for my life style: my laptop.
My laptop is black and is a Dell and that`s all I know about it, XD I search it on Google and is a Dell Inspirion 15, yeah I don’t’ know so much about laptops, I only use it.I got it like three years ago; my parents gave it to me as a Christmas present, my parents told me that if I was a good boy they will buy me a laptop...but that was like five years before I requested the laptop! So it was a big surprise find the laptop under the Christmas tree because after all that time I forget about it XD.
Since my parents gave me my laptop I use it whenever I have the time and the desire. That means like more than five hours per day, in that time I do a lot of things: Download and watch anime and manga, listen music, learn songs on the guitar use facebook and recently studying and doing works for university.
I don’t know how would be my life without my laptop, maybe would be a healthy life for my eyes XD. That`s all folks, enjoy the long weekend! If you can of course...

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Today I will talk (write) about my favorite music band: AKFG (for short).
AKFG is a Japanese alternative/indie rock band. They are 4 members: Gotoh Masafumi guitar, vocal and songwriter; Kita Kensuke guitar; Yamada Takahiro Bass; Ijishi Kyoshi drums.
I knew the band for the first time when I saw the second opening of the anime Naruto, the name of the song of that opening is Haruka Kanata, I like that song because they make me feel the intensity even if I don`t know what the lyrics are talking about, it’s the same with all of their songs they can make me feel sadness, happiness, enthusiasm, nostalgia and others feelings without knowing the meaning of the lyrics, because most of the lyrics are in Japanese. However I look for the translations of the lyrics of some songs, but sometimes even reading the lyrics in English or Spanish, I don`t understand because the use many metaphors (XD)
I can`t go to Japan so is impossible to go a concert, but my dream is to go Japan and listen him in live.
There are so many good songs so is difficult to have a favorite one; however here is the video-clip of Atarashii Sekai(the song who give the name to this blog). 

That`s all for today, if you want more information go to or wikipedia or google xD
Bye Bye :D

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Well, this is my autobiography: I was born in Santiago de Chile on January 29, 1994. During my first 2 years of life I lived in Ñuñoa ,but I don`t remember anything at all of that time. Then we moved to El Bosque where i`m living right now. I did all my school studies in Colegio Tantauco El Bosque and graduated  last year with the best grades of my class(i`m not being vain) .At present  I`m studying Psychology in Universidad de Chile. Now i will talk of my family: I live with my parents, my little sister and 2 cats(Mimi and his mom ,Cuchita); There is also my nanny, Mrs Rosa. She has worked in my house since I was 4 !.If you read my first post you will know some of my hobbies:i enjoy reading manga, watching anime, playing with the Wii, play the guitar and playing with my cats and my sister. I haven`t done none of my hobbies recently because i have to read a lot of books for the university, I hope I could have more time for those things(:c).Well that`s all for now, see ya.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


She is my kitty, Mimi...WAAAAASAAAAAAAAAA!

My first Blog

Hello everyone, I am Alfonso Araya and this is my blog. I am 18 year old and I am in my first year of university studying psychology in Universidad de Chile.That`s in real life, because in the Internet I am Skam, that's the reason of  the URL of the blog. Now you will ask what`s Atarashii sekai...well that`s a song from Asian Kung-Fu Generation, a JRock Band from Japan(search it on youtube later) and i was thinking on blogging abut them or about what I learn in university or about anime and manga or whatever interesting happening to me, so follow if you are interested ;).

By the way I `m not an otaku so don`t hate me please xD