Monday, 29 October 2012

Alberto Hurtado

Okey, I know. It's strange that I, an unbeliever person, think that a religious figure it's the greatest Chilean, but I preferred to talk on him than talk on a Chilean musician or a politician.
Alberto Hurtado was a Chilean Jesuit priest, founder of Hogar de Cristo; he is officially a saint of the Catholic Church since 2005. I choose him because he did a lot of things related to help the neediest. When he was young he was always worried about the topic; he wanted to bring the youth and the poor closer to the church. Later, he did his most important deed when in 1994 laid the foundation stone for the construction of the principal place of the Hogar de Cristo.
If Alberto Hurtado was still alive I would like to ask him about his opinion about actual problems, like the education and the problem with the Mapuches, I think that would be very interesting.
I don´t know very much about this person, but once I watched a biographic documental about him when I was younger and I think that marked me very much in my way of thinking, even I’m not a Christian or a Catholic anymore.
A thing I remember about that documental is that Alberto Hurtado always saw Jesus in every vagabond he helped, and once he really helped Jesus or something like that, it was so long time I see that documental I don’t remember it very well xD.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Practise For The Final Exam

Hello, sorry for posting so late. That was because after doing all the activities I didn't have time for posting. Maybe I was a little too slow, but the true is that there were a lot of activities, and it wasn't so easy to answer each one. The first part was reading, that wasn't so difficult, because I'm always reading English, and also it was interesting because it wasn't to read a text and answer questions, there were most interpretative question, so it was a bit more difficult but I like it. The second was listening, that it's more difficult for me because I'm not so used to hear English(I often hear Japanese ,and Spanish of course) but I didn't did it so bad at all, I got 4/7 and  4/6, the conversations in the listening mentioned all the alternatives so for answer I had to put much concentration into it. Then the third part was vocabulary, I got 19/25, it was easy but I was getting tired at that time. The third part was writing, it was harder than expected, but that's fine so I can know the level of the final exam and get prepared.

Monday, 8 October 2012

A Lively Present

Well, this present wasn`t directly for me, but at last it was like it was mine. It was like two or three years ago In Christmas. It’s normal to receive the presents at night or at the next morning, but that Christmas I received a very special box a lot earlier than expected, I was in my house with a friend when my parents arrived with that box and a smile in her faces. Inside the box was a little black dog, it was so cute that everybody couldn’t do anything but smile like sillies. In fact the present was for my sister, she always wanted a doggie, me too, but I never thought that we could have one, because we live in an apartment and so. But how it was a little dog it was no problem. As it was for my sister, we had to keep the secret until the night, so we played with the doggie until that time. I remember that the doggie licked us like we were chocolate bars, it was so funny that I almost die laughing, but now that I think about it, it was very unhygienic. Later in the night we gave the present to my sister, she was very happy with the present. But with the time she stops giving much attention to the doggie so I was the one to take care of Crispi, the little black doggie I will never forget...because Crispi died a year after that Christmas :( 

Monday, 1 October 2012

First Day at University

The first thing I’m going to say about my first day at the university is that I was very nervous about what would going to be that very first day. I already had been in FACSO before because the year before I did a summer course about psychology, yeah; I think I came back after a year because I liked a lot that course. In that summer course I knew some people that a would met again a year after in the first day at university, but sadly, that people were put in the 2nd section and I was in the 1st so I had to make new friends and that got me very nervous because I use to be very shy in that kind of situation. Now that day wasn't so terrible because that day, and all the first week, was like an “Introduction week” and we hadn't classes at all, maybe we had only a class on Friday but I don`t remember it very well and that’s other story. The thing I will always remember about that day is that we did a game for “break the ice”, we had to get signatures of our classmates but to get them we had to ask for something that it could be something in common, for example: a signature of someone with your same color hair. That way, we had find people with someone in common and get the signatures, it was a total chaos but I enjoyed it a lot.