Monday, 2 July 2012

Here Is The Last One~

This last post is about another of those talks with interesting topics; this time it´s name is The Divided Brain by McGilchrist.
Talk about the brain isn´t a simple thing because the brain isn’t a puzzle with different parts and every part it´s a function of the brain. The brain it´s a complex system made of connections. But whit this talk we can say that the brain has two hemispheres with some differences between them. These hemispheres were forming along the evolutionary chain until now where we have a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere well differenced and connected by the corpus callosum.
Even the hemispheres have some differences McGilchrist breaks the myth of the reason, emotion, language and vision being in only one hemisphere; those things are all connected with the two hemispheres, the same goes with the imagination.
The principal difference between the two hemispheres is the perspective or the level of generalization of things.  Meanwhile you use the right hemisphere for things more sustained, broad, open, and vigilant, the left hemisphere is narrower, sharply and focused.
Those two sides are always trying to inhibit each other. But it´s not like one side is better than the other; we need to use both sides in order to equilibrate the two points of view… “Too close you can’t see anything; too far you can read it”
Well, that everything folks, maybe I will keep writing here, maybe not, who knows.
Now I´m going to study for the last tests, see you~.

About English Classes

Hello everyone, this post is about my experience of studying English at the university. Yeah, I’m studying English at this precise moment doing this blog.
When I was in the school, I had English classes too; but they weren’t like talking in English with the teachers or my classmates, we have to work in computers sometimes but it wasn´t too funny. Now, studying English at the university has been much funnier than at school; I think it have been useful because I have had a lot of practice at speaking about a lot of topics and writing this long in English.
There are two things about this course that could improve: first there was two “webquest” that asked us to search thing on the web and then send them…it was so boring and I think it was no so useful, but in other hand those works give us easy grades so it´s not so bad after all. The other thing that could be improved is adding more interesting topics to talk in classes like we did a pair of times, like asking the students what they want to talk next class so they can think what to say before the class begins.
I have to write another post and study so here ends this post. Bye~