Monday, 27 August 2012

About Santiago

Hello! Today I have to talk about Santiago, and that’s a bit problematic for me because even I had lived all my life in this city, I don’t know it too much. But there are things I like about this city. For example I like that there are places in Santiago for each person. There are a lot of restaurants of different kinds, different ways of entertainment and a lot of different shops to buy what you want. You only have to search for the place you like to go. And there it’s a “but”. There are things you only can do outside of Santiago, like going to beach of course. Now there are things I dislike of Santiago too, I hate how the subway and the public transport Transantiago get full of people at the peak hour;  maybe it’s normal to big cities like Santiago and maybe it’s worst in other cities in Japan for example, but I think it’s a think nobody likes. I don’t think Santiago it’s a bad place, but it would be a better place if the people in Santiago were nicer with the other people, any place would be a good place if the people in there is nice, well maybe that’s my naive idea. To finish I would say only one tip to the visitors of Santiago: have fun! …and take care of the thieves! That’s all ,see you.   

Monday, 20 August 2012

About Assange's case

 I think this case it’ very interesting because for me it’s like a fight between an ant and a giant. Evidently, here the ant is Julian Assange and his friends and the giant is the United States and his friends. This tiny ant is accused of revealing confidential information and also he is accused of sexual abuse in Sweden, we all know that the first part is true…because of that he made famous, but like a psychologist would say, it depends…it depends in what we mean by crime, for me what Julian Assange did with the information it`s not a crime. Sexual abuse it’s a crime but I’m not so sure about his culpability. It seems to be a political persecution, so in this case I think the Ecuatorians were right to offer him political assignments. I don’t think there will be a winner in this fight, although all indicates that the US has more influences to fulfill their purposes.