Monday, 26 November 2012

See you later ^_^

Finally, the last post of the course…again. But this is the real one, because this is the last of fourth levels courses! I was happy about doing the level three on my first semester of my first year, because I mustn't do the level one and two, but great part of my classmates were in the first or second level so I was a bit lonely, and I am still feeling a bit lonely now being the only first year student, but however I had enjoyed talking with older students and this semester English in general.
I like very much the English, it`s the most important idiom in the world at the moment, many movies, series and comics are in English and that explains my enjoyment with English. Even in the university we not always talk about very interesting topics, I liked a lot the course; I learned plenty of things, and not only English. Doing the blogs sometimes was very boring and tiring, but somehow I think it was funny after all, also it worked like a distractions for the other stressful subjects and for discover new things. Before I did the course I thought I could go to USA or to UK and not having problems with the dialect, but now I know that I have to improve a lot my talking and my listening. I read manga in English so maybe in that aspect I am not in the danger of stop reading in English. But in the other aspects I need to plan how I can keep practising English. Maybe watching American series without subtitles could help me in the listening part, and I could keep writing stuff in English, but in the speaking part I don’t know how I could do it…I will think on some way.      

Monday, 19 November 2012


Bullying seems to one of the most important topics when we are talking about education. Not only the parents are worried about bullying, the teachers, the principals and even the governors take the responsibility in this problem. We are recently knowing how big is this problem, bulling doesn't only affect to those children with special needs or disabilities but also it affects to the children with talents and because of being afraid of being victim of bullying again they stop doing the activities they often do. Some schools have had problems dealing with bullying; these schools don’t even recognise they have bullying issues, and this is an important matter for resolve the problem. Some strategies to face bulling are for example; create a vertical tutor groups system when the students are able to make bonds with older and younger mates which help the students’ to create a family atmosphere. Other strategy in elementary school is the “playground buddies” system, in which an older child, help a child who might be lonely or scared at playtime by playing with he, so is less probable to him to be bullied. Something similar is developed in secondary for the sake of make the students empathize each other. There is also a strategy which aims to teach about the issues of using violent, sexual or homophobic vocabulary; we have to remember that bulling is not only physic violence. Now in the modern ages the bullying has also expanded the internet, but some teachers say that it’s not so difficult if we teach what is right and what is wrong in the internet interactions. Some teachers give a text number and an email address that pupils can use so they can felt secure. This is very related to educational psychology; there are plenty of strategies for affront bulling, I think we just have to put it on practice.

Monday, 12 November 2012


OK, I’ll be talking about the movie which is the title.  It’s a Japanese animation movie called Tekkon Kinkreet, the title comes from a mispronunciation of “Tekkin Konkurito” which means steel reinforced concrete. In fact the movie is an adaptation of a manga (Japanese comic) by Taiyou Matsumoto. I saw it like two weeks ago in my home; more specifically in the sofa with my notebook. I get interested in see this movie because my favorite band did the credits song of the movie. The story follows two brothers Shiro (white) and Kuro (black) and how they live as orphan in a wild city. I enjoy this movie because it`s very complete film: a psychological drama with a lot of action and a really emotive message. I downloaded this movie like three times because at the first time it was dubbed in Latin Spanish, and it was a god dub, but I wanted to see it with the original voices in Japanese, with English or Spanish subs of course.
The Japanese’s voice actors are very professional; they really catch the character personality. Kazunari Ninomiya, the voice for Kuro, the older brother knew how to be the serious brother and the craziest at the same time, and Yu Aoi, the voice for Shiro was able to make me feel the innocence and the wisdom of the character.  If you like Japanese animation movies this is a must see, and if you’re not too much into it it’s the chance to try something new…you will not regret it! 

Monday, 5 November 2012

About the recent elections

So, it’s finally time for talking on politics. But don’t get me wrong; I am not so interested in this topic, it’s just I expected to talk on this sometime in the semester.  In fact, I didn't go to vote because I didn't know for which candidate vote; well, there was some of laziness of my part too. But I think that if I had has the conviction to vote for one or another, I would go to vote. I didn't know because the mayor in El Bosque, Sadi Melo had been in power since 1992 and I don’t know if it’s because he had done a great job as a Mayor or because he is very popular in the municipality. About the vote being voluntary, I agreed with that because that way the votes reflect the true voice of each municipality, for example, the people who really want to make a change or really wants to preserve its mayor will go to vote for its convictions; and the people who don’t mind if there is a change or if all remains as always or even the people who are not sure of what they want, have not the obligation of going to vote. I think that way the votes reflect the true intentions of the people in a municipality. So it’s not so relevant the fact that so many people did not vote because if those people really wants a change or not, they have the opportunity of vote. To finish I will say that I think that what I’m saying is very well reflected in the recent elections because there were many changes and the people looked very happy about ones of them, Providencia for example. 

Monday, 29 October 2012

Alberto Hurtado

Okey, I know. It's strange that I, an unbeliever person, think that a religious figure it's the greatest Chilean, but I preferred to talk on him than talk on a Chilean musician or a politician.
Alberto Hurtado was a Chilean Jesuit priest, founder of Hogar de Cristo; he is officially a saint of the Catholic Church since 2005. I choose him because he did a lot of things related to help the neediest. When he was young he was always worried about the topic; he wanted to bring the youth and the poor closer to the church. Later, he did his most important deed when in 1994 laid the foundation stone for the construction of the principal place of the Hogar de Cristo.
If Alberto Hurtado was still alive I would like to ask him about his opinion about actual problems, like the education and the problem with the Mapuches, I think that would be very interesting.
I don´t know very much about this person, but once I watched a biographic documental about him when I was younger and I think that marked me very much in my way of thinking, even I’m not a Christian or a Catholic anymore.
A thing I remember about that documental is that Alberto Hurtado always saw Jesus in every vagabond he helped, and once he really helped Jesus or something like that, it was so long time I see that documental I don’t remember it very well xD.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Practise For The Final Exam

Hello, sorry for posting so late. That was because after doing all the activities I didn't have time for posting. Maybe I was a little too slow, but the true is that there were a lot of activities, and it wasn't so easy to answer each one. The first part was reading, that wasn't so difficult, because I'm always reading English, and also it was interesting because it wasn't to read a text and answer questions, there were most interpretative question, so it was a bit more difficult but I like it. The second was listening, that it's more difficult for me because I'm not so used to hear English(I often hear Japanese ,and Spanish of course) but I didn't did it so bad at all, I got 4/7 and  4/6, the conversations in the listening mentioned all the alternatives so for answer I had to put much concentration into it. Then the third part was vocabulary, I got 19/25, it was easy but I was getting tired at that time. The third part was writing, it was harder than expected, but that's fine so I can know the level of the final exam and get prepared.

Monday, 8 October 2012

A Lively Present

Well, this present wasn`t directly for me, but at last it was like it was mine. It was like two or three years ago In Christmas. It’s normal to receive the presents at night or at the next morning, but that Christmas I received a very special box a lot earlier than expected, I was in my house with a friend when my parents arrived with that box and a smile in her faces. Inside the box was a little black dog, it was so cute that everybody couldn’t do anything but smile like sillies. In fact the present was for my sister, she always wanted a doggie, me too, but I never thought that we could have one, because we live in an apartment and so. But how it was a little dog it was no problem. As it was for my sister, we had to keep the secret until the night, so we played with the doggie until that time. I remember that the doggie licked us like we were chocolate bars, it was so funny that I almost die laughing, but now that I think about it, it was very unhygienic. Later in the night we gave the present to my sister, she was very happy with the present. But with the time she stops giving much attention to the doggie so I was the one to take care of Crispi, the little black doggie I will never forget...because Crispi died a year after that Christmas :(