Monday, 24 September 2012

Fiestas Patrias

For Fiestas Patrias I usually go to Fondas with my family, or I spend time with my cousins and my sister and sometimes we go to Melipilla to a cabin of a friend of my mom. There we use to play typical Chileans games, it could be named like an Olympics Chilean games because we play a lot of those games: sack race, three-foot race, jump the rope, pull the rope, fly kites, etc. Well, the past 18 I did all of that things, on Monday I went to Parque Padre Hurtado in Las Condes to the Fonda, on Monday we went to Melipilla and on Thursday we spend the afternoon with my cousins. I get tired with that itinerary so I rest on Wednesday and on Thursday I played basketball with my friends in the morning and then we played videogames in the afternoon so I get tired again. The rest of the week was for study ,so I think the next holyday I will keep in my bed and rest all the day because this last week didn’t represent a rest at all.  

I think this past holiday was memorable, although I always will remember another 18 I enjoyed a lot. It’s not only a memorable 18, in fact it was the first (and the only one) time that I traveled outside of Chile. That time I went to Mendoza to celebrate Chile’s Independence, maybe that sounds weird but it was really funny: In 18th we went to a plaza named Chile and in there was a Fonda like in Chile, it makes me realize that so many Chileans celebrate 18 on other countries. I hope that all of that people enjoy remembering his original country.

Monday, 10 September 2012

A friend of mine

Hello everyone, I'm going to talk about a friend of mine. He it’s not my best friend but I can tell some interesting things about him. We are ex classmates now, I met Lucas in the school in…I think 6th grade, but I’m not too sure; the point is that he was a year with us and then he went to Israel, so when he came back he told us his experiences out of Chile and becomes a really interesting person. I remember that he had rol’s dices, those with twenty faces and with those we played something like dungeons and dragons, and also he drew all the characters in the game, that’s something important about him: he is an excellent artist, I mean, he is not an artist, but he is good at drawing, he is planning to do a comic right now and he ask his friends for help but I think I left the matter a little.
We have a lot of things in common: we play basket, both of us like the anime, video games and all those things, we both play guitar as well and I’m planning to draw a comic too…even I’m not as good at drawing like he.
Recently we don’t see each other too much, because of the university responsibilities, he is studying informatics engineer so we see us a few times to play basket, play wii, or also in the ex class meetings.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My 2012 untill now

I think my first term was a hard one because it was the first term of my first time in a University. It was so hard that I remember it like an entire year even it was like only six months. In fact, I think I learned so many things like in a year; finally I understood what means right and left in politics, it’s funny but in the subjects that I thought there was no relation with the career, was where I learned the most, like in Philosophy and Social History of Chile.

In the last  semester I didn’t did much sports, I only played basket with my friends but not so many time because, like me, they entered to the University and they don’t have so much time. Even last semester I was in lack of time, I think it was a good for leisure: I went to the cine with my college mates a pair of times, I downloaded a lot of music, I watched a lot of anime and read a lot of manga and I learned a pair of songs on the guitar.

In the last semester I had to get used to travel an hour every day to the University from my house and also get used to that the grades I got in the University were lower than in the school. I made new friends and learned a lot so it was a very good year…no, sorry, semester!