Thursday, 31 May 2012

I can't think in a original title because mi imagination was murdered

Hello dear readers, this post is about a Ken Robinson's talk concerning how creativity is being “killed” by the actual education, you con search the video by “Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity”.
First he talks about human creativity and how amazing it is, he says every kids born as artist but the problem is that they grow up trough a school that restrict his creativity. So he purpose we should treat creativity as important as literacy in schools. 
In the talk, he does a relation between the creativity in kids and his preparation to be wrong; when we are kids we don’t ‘know so much about the world so if a kid have to answer something that he don`t know , he will use his creativity to try to go out with a answer. But when we grow up we learn through education many things and we are not, 
What education is doing now is to creating people with a degree but education isn't stimulating his intelligence at all. Ken said that adolescents come back from university with a degree but they don’t work and keep in house playing video games because the education they had didn't develop his full potential as a young student. 
What I wrote up there is a brief summary about the talk’s topics, but that talk wasn't just explaining ideas, he frequently said jokes and anecdotes giving to the talk a similar atmosphere to a humour monologue. 
That’s all this week, bye bye everyone!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

The photo and the mustache

 Hello everybody, sorry for the delay. You sure have seen the photo on the left, well; this post is about that photo. That guy in the photo is me, two years ago. It was taken by a classmate... I don´t remember exactly who take it anyway.
This isn’t a normal personal photo; I was wearing PE uniform since it was a school trip, and I’m wearing glasses because I was trying to look alike a teacher for an activity in which we had to perform a typical class situation.
This photo is funny because to start, I´m similar to that teacher and for being identical, the members of my group painted a mustache on me. If you know me in person, you will know that I have real mustache at present, so the only thing to being identical again is to wearing glasses! …maybe in a year or two I will be using glasses since I´m getting myopic for spending so much time on the computer xD.  

Thursday, 10 May 2012

5 Centmeters Per Second

I don`t know if it`s my favorite movie, but it`s one of the best(and saddest) films I have ever seen. I`m talking about 5 Centimeters per Second, a Japanese Animated feature Film by Makoto Shinkai. 
It`s a Drama and Romance movie, the story centers in a boy named Takaki Tono, he quickly befriends with Akari Shinohara because they have similar interests and attitudes. The time goes on and the relationship between Takaki and Akari get deeper. Unfortunately one day Akari  moves to a faraway place in Japan; even though they keep in contact by sending letters , the distance between each other is too much…and I`m not talking only about distance: the two have fewer to tell each other in the letters.
Maybe you will be thinking “How sad! :c”
Well, it get worse more and more during the film. Now Takaki will be moving to an island even more far away from Akari, so he decides to personally go see Akari, since they will be too far apart to visit each other at all after moving. This is my favorite part of the movie, when Takaki travel several hours in order to see Akari and finally tell him his feelings, it`s so emotive because due to a snowstorm the travel get very difficult.
This isn't even the first of the three parts of the movie but I expect to you seeing how this story ends. 
Makoto Shinkai  is Known for his animation films Voices of a Distant Star, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below. In this films Makoto ads Science fiction and fantasy topics but in 5 Centimeters per Second the reality is the strong point unlike his others films.
I feel like I wrote down so little, but I`m already over the 250 words so that`s all for this post, don`t forget to see the film if you haven't!    

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Ikio and his bike

Hello everyone, today I`m writing about a story of a man and his Harley-Davidson, but is not a ordinary man, he is Ikio Yokoyama, a victim of the tsunami in Japan the last year, he is alive obviously, but he lost his home, three family members…and his bike (I`m sorry if that sounds harsh). Anyway, the last month many things have been founded in the coasts of North America coming from Japan, for example last month a Japanese fishing boat and lighter items, such as buoys and bottles, and recently was found in a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This bike was discovered by Peter Mark on 18 April on the coast of an island in British Columbia, Canada.
I can`t imagine the surprise Mr. Yokoyama feel when he saw his bike on the TV, because he recognize his bike! He said "When I looked at the picture he took, I knew immediately it was my bike""This is unmistakably mine""It's miraculous."

Indeed, it`s very uncommon find thing you lose long ago, but losing it in the sea!? Finding it 6,400km far away in another continent!? That`s far too magical, even coming from Japan…well sometimes reality surpass fiction.
The shop that sold the motorcycle to Mr. Yokoyama is now hoping to ship the Harley-Davidson back to Japan and restore it, so Mr. Yokoyama is going to ride in his bike again very soon, I hope.
This odd news make me remember when I lost my Digimon toys in the beach when I was a Kid (;_;) so if there is any Japanese people reading this post please take care of my lost toys. xD