Monday, 27 August 2012

About Santiago

Hello! Today I have to talk about Santiago, and that’s a bit problematic for me because even I had lived all my life in this city, I don’t know it too much. But there are things I like about this city. For example I like that there are places in Santiago for each person. There are a lot of restaurants of different kinds, different ways of entertainment and a lot of different shops to buy what you want. You only have to search for the place you like to go. And there it’s a “but”. There are things you only can do outside of Santiago, like going to beach of course. Now there are things I dislike of Santiago too, I hate how the subway and the public transport Transantiago get full of people at the peak hour;  maybe it’s normal to big cities like Santiago and maybe it’s worst in other cities in Japan for example, but I think it’s a think nobody likes. I don’t think Santiago it’s a bad place, but it would be a better place if the people in Santiago were nicer with the other people, any place would be a good place if the people in there is nice, well maybe that’s my naive idea. To finish I would say only one tip to the visitors of Santiago: have fun! …and take care of the thieves! That’s all ,see you.   


  1. I'm agree with you, I also think that Santiago has a place for every kind people,for every preference and style. And you and I hate the same thing, public transport. See you

  2. I liked what you wrote ... a place for everyone, this is true!