Thursday, 26 April 2012

My Laptop

 Hello everybody, This week`s post will be about a piece of technology indispensable for my life style: my laptop.
My laptop is black and is a Dell and that`s all I know about it, XD I search it on Google and is a Dell Inspirion 15, yeah I don’t’ know so much about laptops, I only use it.I got it like three years ago; my parents gave it to me as a Christmas present, my parents told me that if I was a good boy they will buy me a laptop...but that was like five years before I requested the laptop! So it was a big surprise find the laptop under the Christmas tree because after all that time I forget about it XD.
Since my parents gave me my laptop I use it whenever I have the time and the desire. That means like more than five hours per day, in that time I do a lot of things: Download and watch anime and manga, listen music, learn songs on the guitar use facebook and recently studying and doing works for university.
I don’t know how would be my life without my laptop, maybe would be a healthy life for my eyes XD. That`s all folks, enjoy the long weekend! If you can of course...


  1. O: my laptop is my favourite piece of technology too!!!

  2. Replies
    1. yes, it´s a good computer in comparison with other computers I have used.

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  3. this damn thing it's fantastic <3
    (I have a question..
    when you post me and I click on your enter.. why don't see I precisely this page? Do you have maybe more of one blog?)

    1. I don´t know how to fix it, but it´s because My blog is linked with my Google+ profile :/
      I don´t have any other blog than this one.