Thursday, 12 April 2012


Well, this is my autobiography: I was born in Santiago de Chile on January 29, 1994. During my first 2 years of life I lived in Ñuñoa ,but I don`t remember anything at all of that time. Then we moved to El Bosque where i`m living right now. I did all my school studies in Colegio Tantauco El Bosque and graduated  last year with the best grades of my class(i`m not being vain) .At present  I`m studying Psychology in Universidad de Chile. Now i will talk of my family: I live with my parents, my little sister and 2 cats(Mimi and his mom ,Cuchita); There is also my nanny, Mrs Rosa. She has worked in my house since I was 4 !.If you read my first post you will know some of my hobbies:i enjoy reading manga, watching anime, playing with the Wii, play the guitar and playing with my cats and my sister. I haven`t done none of my hobbies recently because i have to read a lot of books for the university, I hope I could have more time for those things(:c).Well that`s all for now, see ya.


  1. Alfonso, don´t worry about the excesive reads in the U, in the begining is hard but if you organize is all easy!