Thursday, 5 April 2012

My first Blog

Hello everyone, I am Alfonso Araya and this is my blog. I am 18 year old and I am in my first year of university studying psychology in Universidad de Chile.That`s in real life, because in the Internet I am Skam, that's the reason of  the URL of the blog. Now you will ask what`s Atarashii sekai...well that`s a song from Asian Kung-Fu Generation, a JRock Band from Japan(search it on youtube later) and i was thinking on blogging abut them or about what I learn in university or about anime and manga or whatever interesting happening to me, so follow if you are interested ;).

By the way I `m not an otaku so don`t hate me please xD


  1. I think your blog writing is ok, but you introduced some new words in Japanese? Korean? that I don`t understand at all, for example: otaku.
    What the hell is that?

  2. Is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga or video games.(Wikipedia).I like anime manga and video games but I don´t think of me being obsessive.
    Everyday we learn something new ;)

  3. I like manga too :)