Thursday, 3 May 2012

Ikio and his bike

Hello everyone, today I`m writing about a story of a man and his Harley-Davidson, but is not a ordinary man, he is Ikio Yokoyama, a victim of the tsunami in Japan the last year, he is alive obviously, but he lost his home, three family members…and his bike (I`m sorry if that sounds harsh). Anyway, the last month many things have been founded in the coasts of North America coming from Japan, for example last month a Japanese fishing boat and lighter items, such as buoys and bottles, and recently was found in a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This bike was discovered by Peter Mark on 18 April on the coast of an island in British Columbia, Canada.
I can`t imagine the surprise Mr. Yokoyama feel when he saw his bike on the TV, because he recognize his bike! He said "When I looked at the picture he took, I knew immediately it was my bike""This is unmistakably mine""It's miraculous."

Indeed, it`s very uncommon find thing you lose long ago, but losing it in the sea!? Finding it 6,400km far away in another continent!? That`s far too magical, even coming from Japan…well sometimes reality surpass fiction.
The shop that sold the motorcycle to Mr. Yokoyama is now hoping to ship the Harley-Davidson back to Japan and restore it, so Mr. Yokoyama is going to ride in his bike again very soon, I hope.
This odd news make me remember when I lost my Digimon toys in the beach when I was a Kid (;_;) so if there is any Japanese people reading this post please take care of my lost toys. xD

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