Thursday, 31 May 2012

I can't think in a original title because mi imagination was murdered

Hello dear readers, this post is about a Ken Robinson's talk concerning how creativity is being “killed” by the actual education, you con search the video by “Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity”.
First he talks about human creativity and how amazing it is, he says every kids born as artist but the problem is that they grow up trough a school that restrict his creativity. So he purpose we should treat creativity as important as literacy in schools. 
In the talk, he does a relation between the creativity in kids and his preparation to be wrong; when we are kids we don’t ‘know so much about the world so if a kid have to answer something that he don`t know , he will use his creativity to try to go out with a answer. But when we grow up we learn through education many things and we are not, 
What education is doing now is to creating people with a degree but education isn't stimulating his intelligence at all. Ken said that adolescents come back from university with a degree but they don’t work and keep in house playing video games because the education they had didn't develop his full potential as a young student. 
What I wrote up there is a brief summary about the talk’s topics, but that talk wasn't just explaining ideas, he frequently said jokes and anecdotes giving to the talk a similar atmosphere to a humour monologue. 
That’s all this week, bye bye everyone!

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  1. I totally agree with this. We need another education paradigm...