Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My 2012 untill now

I think my first term was a hard one because it was the first term of my first time in a University. It was so hard that I remember it like an entire year even it was like only six months. In fact, I think I learned so many things like in a year; finally I understood what means right and left in politics, it’s funny but in the subjects that I thought there was no relation with the career, was where I learned the most, like in Philosophy and Social History of Chile.

In the last  semester I didn’t did much sports, I only played basket with my friends but not so many time because, like me, they entered to the University and they don’t have so much time. Even last semester I was in lack of time, I think it was a good for leisure: I went to the cine with my college mates a pair of times, I downloaded a lot of music, I watched a lot of anime and read a lot of manga and I learned a pair of songs on the guitar.

In the last semester I had to get used to travel an hour every day to the University from my house and also get used to that the grades I got in the University were lower than in the school. I made new friends and learned a lot so it was a very good year…no, sorry, semester!     


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