Monday, 10 September 2012

A friend of mine

Hello everyone, I'm going to talk about a friend of mine. He it’s not my best friend but I can tell some interesting things about him. We are ex classmates now, I met Lucas in the school in…I think 6th grade, but I’m not too sure; the point is that he was a year with us and then he went to Israel, so when he came back he told us his experiences out of Chile and becomes a really interesting person. I remember that he had rol’s dices, those with twenty faces and with those we played something like dungeons and dragons, and also he drew all the characters in the game, that’s something important about him: he is an excellent artist, I mean, he is not an artist, but he is good at drawing, he is planning to do a comic right now and he ask his friends for help but I think I left the matter a little.
We have a lot of things in common: we play basket, both of us like the anime, video games and all those things, we both play guitar as well and I’m planning to draw a comic too…even I’m not as good at drawing like he.
Recently we don’t see each other too much, because of the university responsibilities, he is studying informatics engineer so we see us a few times to play basket, play wii, or also in the ex class meetings.

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  1. Hi! You have a lot in common ! that's great :D. and i think it's cool you want to draw a comic! :D