Monday, 24 September 2012

Fiestas Patrias

For Fiestas Patrias I usually go to Fondas with my family, or I spend time with my cousins and my sister and sometimes we go to Melipilla to a cabin of a friend of my mom. There we use to play typical Chileans games, it could be named like an Olympics Chilean games because we play a lot of those games: sack race, three-foot race, jump the rope, pull the rope, fly kites, etc. Well, the past 18 I did all of that things, on Monday I went to Parque Padre Hurtado in Las Condes to the Fonda, on Monday we went to Melipilla and on Thursday we spend the afternoon with my cousins. I get tired with that itinerary so I rest on Wednesday and on Thursday I played basketball with my friends in the morning and then we played videogames in the afternoon so I get tired again. The rest of the week was for study ,so I think the next holyday I will keep in my bed and rest all the day because this last week didn’t represent a rest at all.  

I think this past holiday was memorable, although I always will remember another 18 I enjoyed a lot. It’s not only a memorable 18, in fact it was the first (and the only one) time that I traveled outside of Chile. That time I went to Mendoza to celebrate Chile’s Independence, maybe that sounds weird but it was really funny: In 18th we went to a plaza named Chile and in there was a Fonda like in Chile, it makes me realize that so many Chileans celebrate 18 on other countries. I hope that all of that people enjoy remembering his original country.

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