Monday, 19 November 2012


Bullying seems to one of the most important topics when we are talking about education. Not only the parents are worried about bullying, the teachers, the principals and even the governors take the responsibility in this problem. We are recently knowing how big is this problem, bulling doesn't only affect to those children with special needs or disabilities but also it affects to the children with talents and because of being afraid of being victim of bullying again they stop doing the activities they often do. Some schools have had problems dealing with bullying; these schools don’t even recognise they have bullying issues, and this is an important matter for resolve the problem. Some strategies to face bulling are for example; create a vertical tutor groups system when the students are able to make bonds with older and younger mates which help the students’ to create a family atmosphere. Other strategy in elementary school is the “playground buddies” system, in which an older child, help a child who might be lonely or scared at playtime by playing with he, so is less probable to him to be bullied. Something similar is developed in secondary for the sake of make the students empathize each other. There is also a strategy which aims to teach about the issues of using violent, sexual or homophobic vocabulary; we have to remember that bulling is not only physic violence. Now in the modern ages the bullying has also expanded the internet, but some teachers say that it’s not so difficult if we teach what is right and what is wrong in the internet interactions. Some teachers give a text number and an email address that pupils can use so they can felt secure. This is very related to educational psychology; there are plenty of strategies for affront bulling, I think we just have to put it on practice.

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