Monday, 5 November 2012

About the recent elections

So, it’s finally time for talking on politics. But don’t get me wrong; I am not so interested in this topic, it’s just I expected to talk on this sometime in the semester.  In fact, I didn't go to vote because I didn't know for which candidate vote; well, there was some of laziness of my part too. But I think that if I had has the conviction to vote for one or another, I would go to vote. I didn't know because the mayor in El Bosque, Sadi Melo had been in power since 1992 and I don’t know if it’s because he had done a great job as a Mayor or because he is very popular in the municipality. About the vote being voluntary, I agreed with that because that way the votes reflect the true voice of each municipality, for example, the people who really want to make a change or really wants to preserve its mayor will go to vote for its convictions; and the people who don’t mind if there is a change or if all remains as always or even the people who are not sure of what they want, have not the obligation of going to vote. I think that way the votes reflect the true intentions of the people in a municipality. So it’s not so relevant the fact that so many people did not vote because if those people really wants a change or not, they have the opportunity of vote. To finish I will say that I think that what I’m saying is very well reflected in the recent elections because there were many changes and the people looked very happy about ones of them, Providencia for example. 

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  1. ajajaj Sadi Melo is a great character of the south of Santiago xd He is the only mayor that is in the power since that the "comuna" was created.