Monday, 26 November 2012

See you later ^_^

Finally, the last post of the course…again. But this is the real one, because this is the last of fourth levels courses! I was happy about doing the level three on my first semester of my first year, because I mustn't do the level one and two, but great part of my classmates were in the first or second level so I was a bit lonely, and I am still feeling a bit lonely now being the only first year student, but however I had enjoyed talking with older students and this semester English in general.
I like very much the English, it`s the most important idiom in the world at the moment, many movies, series and comics are in English and that explains my enjoyment with English. Even in the university we not always talk about very interesting topics, I liked a lot the course; I learned plenty of things, and not only English. Doing the blogs sometimes was very boring and tiring, but somehow I think it was funny after all, also it worked like a distractions for the other stressful subjects and for discover new things. Before I did the course I thought I could go to USA or to UK and not having problems with the dialect, but now I know that I have to improve a lot my talking and my listening. I read manga in English so maybe in that aspect I am not in the danger of stop reading in English. But in the other aspects I need to plan how I can keep practising English. Maybe watching American series without subtitles could help me in the listening part, and I could keep writing stuff in English, but in the speaking part I don’t know how I could do it…I will think on some way.      

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