Monday, 8 October 2012

A Lively Present

Well, this present wasn`t directly for me, but at last it was like it was mine. It was like two or three years ago In Christmas. It’s normal to receive the presents at night or at the next morning, but that Christmas I received a very special box a lot earlier than expected, I was in my house with a friend when my parents arrived with that box and a smile in her faces. Inside the box was a little black dog, it was so cute that everybody couldn’t do anything but smile like sillies. In fact the present was for my sister, she always wanted a doggie, me too, but I never thought that we could have one, because we live in an apartment and so. But how it was a little dog it was no problem. As it was for my sister, we had to keep the secret until the night, so we played with the doggie until that time. I remember that the doggie licked us like we were chocolate bars, it was so funny that I almost die laughing, but now that I think about it, it was very unhygienic. Later in the night we gave the present to my sister, she was very happy with the present. But with the time she stops giving much attention to the doggie so I was the one to take care of Crispi, the little black doggie I will never forget...because Crispi died a year after that Christmas :( 


  1. oww..It is a tragic end for a cute history

  2. Hi! Your story is really really cute, it made me smile a lot!! :) and.. i'm sorry that Crispi had died.. :/ i have dogs too, and I think it would be awful if something will happen to them :(

  3. That's terrible :C
    I have a dog :) well not me, my brother and I live with him... His name is Dylan and he is very cute :)

  4. Poor crispi :c, it's fun when dogs run to you and lick your face desperately