Monday, 29 October 2012

Alberto Hurtado

Okey, I know. It's strange that I, an unbeliever person, think that a religious figure it's the greatest Chilean, but I preferred to talk on him than talk on a Chilean musician or a politician.
Alberto Hurtado was a Chilean Jesuit priest, founder of Hogar de Cristo; he is officially a saint of the Catholic Church since 2005. I choose him because he did a lot of things related to help the neediest. When he was young he was always worried about the topic; he wanted to bring the youth and the poor closer to the church. Later, he did his most important deed when in 1994 laid the foundation stone for the construction of the principal place of the Hogar de Cristo.
If Alberto Hurtado was still alive I would like to ask him about his opinion about actual problems, like the education and the problem with the Mapuches, I think that would be very interesting.
I don´t know very much about this person, but once I watched a biographic documental about him when I was younger and I think that marked me very much in my way of thinking, even I’m not a Christian or a Catholic anymore.
A thing I remember about that documental is that Alberto Hurtado always saw Jesus in every vagabond he helped, and once he really helped Jesus or something like that, it was so long time I see that documental I don’t remember it very well xD.

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