Friday, 26 October 2012

Practise For The Final Exam

Hello, sorry for posting so late. That was because after doing all the activities I didn't have time for posting. Maybe I was a little too slow, but the true is that there were a lot of activities, and it wasn't so easy to answer each one. The first part was reading, that wasn't so difficult, because I'm always reading English, and also it was interesting because it wasn't to read a text and answer questions, there were most interpretative question, so it was a bit more difficult but I like it. The second was listening, that it's more difficult for me because I'm not so used to hear English(I often hear Japanese ,and Spanish of course) but I didn't did it so bad at all, I got 4/7 and  4/6, the conversations in the listening mentioned all the alternatives so for answer I had to put much concentration into it. Then the third part was vocabulary, I got 19/25, it was easy but I was getting tired at that time. The third part was writing, it was harder than expected, but that's fine so I can know the level of the final exam and get prepared.

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